Add data power to customize your donor experience strategies

Posted by Sharon Lear on Feb 1, 2020 6:48:00 PM

Understanding donor data unleashes the power to your conversations, relationships, and strategies. You will enrich your stewardship planning and practices by sharpening your knowledge of fundraising metrics, demographics, donor retention, donor recognition, and communication preferences. 

We offer 20 basic questions to start.

Know Your Donors - By the Numbers!


  • If you’re in a campaign, how much has been raised to date? What is it for? When will it be finished? 
  • How much does your annual fund bring in each year?
  • How many planned giving donors do you have?
  • How many years has each donor given to your organization? 
  • How many consecutive years has each donor given?
  • How many first-time and second-time donors do you have?
  • How many $1 million+ donors do you have? 
  • Who are your top 50 donors by dollars/by the number of gifts/by consecutive giving?


  • In which regions or neighborhoods do your donors reside? Age groups? Gender?


  • What is your donor retention rate over a 3-year period?
  • How do your donors give and how often? (check, online, securities, annually, monthly) 
  • What is your donor retention rate for online giving?
  • How many donors give monthly and yearly compared with the previous year?


  • How was each donor thanked and by whom?
  • How many donors are in each of your giving recognition societies?
  • Are you acknowledging your donors’ birthdays, anniversaries, milestones?
  • What are the last five recognition gifts your donors received?
  • How do donors prefer to receive communications from your organization?
  • Who and how many people have attended donor cultivation, fundraising and recognition events annually? How many did each donor attend?
  • Who and how many received individualized stewardship reports?

Engage your team; test their knowledge, and then customize, create, and discover new questions that will uncover unique aspects of your donors. Add them to your donor profiles. For example, discover who their close friends are, where else they give, their alma mater, their favorite restaurant, how many children they have or where they grew up or have a second home.

Even if you are not donor - facing every day, these insights will help inform and prepare your team to be as personalized as possible in support of the fundraising initiative!

By no means is this an exhaustive list. Share Your Donor Data Success Stories!

data power to customize your donor experience strategies

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